Continuous Payment Authority

All new contracts will need to set up their payment plan online using Continuous Payment Authority (CPA). CPA works by allowing us to automatically take the repayments due under your agreement(s) with us, using your debit card. Your card details will not be stored by us, but securely by Homebuy’s nominated third party payment solutions provider Adelante Software Limited. We will try to collect your repayment(s) on the date your repayment(s) is due. Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account from 4am on that day.


If there are insufficient funds in your account when we try to collect the repayments(s) and we are unable to collect the repayment(s) due on our first attempt for that payment, we will try to collect the full repayment(s) again, on the following day after 4am.


If we don’t collect the full repayment on the second attempt, we will not make any further attempts until we have spoken to you. . We will not charge any missed payment fee if your payment fails.


As a responsible lender, we may offer you alternative methods of repayment including Direct Debit and Standing Order.