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Homebuy provides customers with small loans ranging from £50- £300 on a fixed sum loan agreement, giving customers the option to pay for them over 26 or 40 weeks making repayments affordable With no deposit and a simple repayment method, low weekly repayments and no late fees, helping you to find an affordable way to borrow money for whatever you need.

Contact for Existing Customers



0330 333 5910


9am to 5pm Monday to Friday


Unit 3 Vigo Place
West Midlands

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When will your new website be ready?

Our new website is currently under construction and will come with lots of great new features. Some of these new features include allowing you to login to your own customer account.

I am an existing customers and I have a problem / query about my loan or product, what shall I do?

Please contact one of our customer service representatives and they will be happy to help you


 0330 333 5910

I am an existing customer how can I apply?

The business is no longer able to process orders unless they are submitted online and through our website. Sadly at this time the business is unable to process any new orders until further notice. We are continuing to service existing agreements as normal.

I have a question regarding my payments, what shall I do?

Please contact one of our customer service representatives and they will be happy to help you.


 0330 333 5910

I am a new customer how can I apply?

Unfortunately at present Homebuy is unable to offer new sales to new customers or enter into new agreements until further notice.

Help, I’m having technical difficulties

If you have any problems or experience difficulty with completing your online application, please contact our customer care team on 0330 333 5910 or email customercare@homebuygroup.com for assistance.


Help, I’m having financial difficulties

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you should contact us straight away as we may be able to help. You can also contact the following not-for-profit organisations for free, confidential and impartial debt advice, or for details of where to get such advice in your area:



What is CPA/recurring card payments?

Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) or ‘recurring card’ payments work by allowing us to automatically take the repayments due under your agreement(s) with us, using your debit card.


Your repayments will be taken automatically in accordance with your agreement(s).


Your card details will not be stored by us, but securely by Homebuy’s nominated third party payment solutions provider Adelante Software Limited.


We will try to collect your repayment(s) on the date your repayment(s) is due. Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account from 4am on that day. If there are insufficient funds in your account when we try to collect the repayments(s) and we are unable to collect the repayment(s) due on our first attempt for that payment, we will try to collect the full repayment(s) again, on the following day after 4am.


If we don’t collect the full repayment on the second attempt, we will not make any further attempts until we have spoken to you.


Homebuy will not charge any missed payment fee if your payment fails.


You can cancel the continuous payment authority at any time by contacting your bank or by calling us on 0330 333 5910

Important Documents

Responsible Lending Charter

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Complaints Policy

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